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Core Solutions Is Committed To Be Part Of The Solution Not The Problem For Foundation Concerns. We educate you as to the different ways to analyze concrete samples that are taken. Most people don’t know that there are different methods and different outcomes. Specifically, there are two current acceptable tests to analyze concrete in which you can choose to have done.


mold remediation services

Mold Remediation

Mold is a common, pesky problem that often develops along floors, walls and across ceilings of homes. The micro-organism is a fungus that poses a real health hazard when left to proliferate in the home or business property. It can develop in areas of rising damp with constant exposure to moisture. Signs of mold in a building may indicate the presence of a leak. To thrive, mold requires moisture, food, and a suitable surface to grow on.


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Core Solutions has been known for Mold elimination/remediation throughout Connecticut and western Massachusetts with timely response, and the best pricing for the best results. We understand you need immediate help and don’t need to over pay to get this within the time of real estate transactions and health concerns. Let us do the worrying for you just call and let go.


Core Solutions has inspected hundreds of buildings in the past 3 years. If you have any questions about your foundation, mold, or disinfection give us a call and we will get one of our engineers or inspectors to assist you.

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