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Core Solutions is committed to be part of the solution not the problem for foundation concerns.
We educate you as to the different ways to analyze concrete samples that are taken. Most people don’t know that there are different methods and different outcomes. Specifically, there are two current acceptable tests to analyze concrete in which you can choose to have done.

Magnetic Measurement

This is a great help in measuring the pyhrrotite in the concrete. This is a method developed by Dr Geiss and Dr. Gourley at Trinity College to assist in what is called Crumbling foundation issues in the Tolland County area homes. This is commonly used when a homeowner is looking for the state of Connecticut support with what has already been identified as a failed foundation (has severe mapping cracks) and they are looking for paperwork needed to get the reimbursement from the state of Connecticut. Get in touch with us below to learn more about our magnetic measurement services!

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Petrographic examination

To count the visual amounts of pyhrrotite in a concrete sample. The cores are examined under a stereomicroscope at magnifications ranging from 3.5X to 144X. The examination is performed following the relevant guidelines outlined in ASTM C856, “Standard Practice for Petrographic Examination of Hardened Concrete.” This has been the most common method and is used by more labs, however; may be a little not as accurate in getting an exact count or at least used on a different scale. This means the scale used to actually identify the amount of pyhrrotite is different than the magnetic.

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This is important to know and understand before you choose which method you really want or need. Each one by themselves cannot determine if your foundation will have severe distress in the future therefore further steps should be taken.

Here is a way to look at it to help decide. First ask yourself what am I looking for? If you are certain that you have mapping cracks and you are looking for core samples to be taken to verify the presence of pyhrrotite and submit the report to the state for reimbursement, then you may opt to have us take the core samples and send them to a lab that does Magnetic measurement since this is a bit cheaper. If you have some cracking or you are in a real estate transaction and are uncertain as to if your foundation is or going to be an issue for what is considered a “failed Foundation” then since the only labs currently doing compaction or stress tests with the evaluation are labs that use petrographic Examination that would be a reason to go with that method of testing. The reason you would want this stress test is to assist in determining what the condition of the concrete is which may relate to future consideration. Just because you have pyhrrotite in your foundation, it has not been proven that foundations will completely fail unless the following conditions also exist: Improperly mixed concrete (doesn’t hold up to stress test), Concrete did not bond properly, Excessive moisture absorbed by the concrete, Pyhrrotite does have oxidation and degradation.

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Core Solutions is unbiased and may be the only one on your side!

  • We are not a construction company that is out to replace your foundation. We do not gain anything by the results of your core testing.

  • We assist you in choosing the right lab for the testing your situation demands.

  • We will take proper samples using the highest standards of practice to assure proper labeling and reporting.

  • We will analyze the results with you to assist you in your next steps.

  • We take pride in being as clean as possible when taking foundation samples.

  • We understand water is involved when cutting the core samples and this can make a mess, we take extra time and steps to assure the majority of water is contained.

  • We take extra steps to assure areas where the samples are taken don’t leak in the future and we stand behind it if they leak.

  • A full test report is provided to assist you with your next steps.

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